Graham Chiropractic Care

Address: 7202 Arlington Blvd, Suite 201, Falls Church, VA 22042

Telephone:  Office: 703-207-6900  -  Fax: 703-207-6903

Hours:  Monday - Friday  10AM -7PM

Saturday - by appointment only

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Graham Chiropractic Care

“Chiropractic has been such an amazing healing process. I feel stronger and more active, my posture has improved and the ability to stretch every morning feels wonderful.

I would recommend chiropractic because there is no better way to heal the mind, body and soul. Chiropractic is a true healer. I recommend Dr. Tran to others because he is the best doctor I’ve ever encountered. His eye for detail is amazing. He truly knows the body and his healing techniques are incredible.”

- Jessica P.

“I was suffering for years with neck and shoulder pain. After being seen by Dr. Tran for a few months I am pain free. Dr.Tran was very helpful in not only treating my problems, but also giving me the proper exercises and stretches to make sure the pain did not return. Dr. Tran was very thorough and very gentle. :) “

- Sandy.

“After months of constant pain from my shoulders to my fingers, my primary doctor recommended, after minimal examination, that I take Motrin around the clock. I then met Dr. Tran. He provided a thorough exam and recommended acupuncture and massage. After just 2 visits, my pain was gone! And I have remained PAIN FREE for the last five months!”

- Michelle.

“Dr. Tran's chiropractic office doesn't take short cuts in the care provided to me during my numerous visits due to my car accidents.  I'm always amazed by how renewed and refreshed I feel after each visit.  My posture is improved as a result of my muscle tension relief and skeletal realignment.  Dr. Tran knows his stuff!  I am a repeated client/patient because of his expertise and the office's constant efforts in staying abreast of treatment technology and attention to patient comforts and care.”  

- Toan Le.